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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our Mission

The author of this blog, want you, our readers to know that this blog exist for the sole purpose of information. Giving Pinoy job seekers the most up to date job openings and hiring here in Manila and abroad.

The job openings and hiring that you will find in this blog are product of online searching. Which means that you can also find them using the 3 biggest search engines: Yahoo, Bing and Google.

If you have more questions that we can not answer, please use your option which is to go to search engines. Articles found on this page is not ours, they are information which may also be found using the internet and searching. 

We, the authors of this blog is just taking advantage of our skills of knowing via our knowledge and being good at research and whatever we find online is what we share here. Again, information here are product of our online research and doesn't mean it is ours.

Every information found here at Pinoy 4 Hire.Blogspot.Com are of intellectual property to their respective owners unless otherwise, we specify that it is ours.